Hands-on Learning
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Discover hardware solutions engineered to enhance the learning experience. Leveraging technology, prepare a generation of thinkers as they engage in programming, designing and developing while building on skills needed to thrive in today’s world.

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Program Students for Success

Arduino Education is focused on creating the next generation of STEAM programs while supporting the needs of teachers and students throughout the educational journey. It is an open-source electronics platform that is based on easy-to-use hardware and software. Used in thousands of different projects and applications, Arduino Education provides a toolkit to empower students with critical thinking, collaborative learning, and problem solving.

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Play with the Building Blocks of Learning

ArtecRobo Educational Set is a Studuino-based open-source programmable robot kit specially designed for learners. It uses the innovative Artec Blocks, designed and patented to connect in 60 different ways allowing to create endless variety of shapes. With easy-to-connect sensors and programmed using Block or Icon Programming, no technical knowledge is needed. ArtecRobo lets students easily build, learn, and play using their imagination and creativity. It is the perfect hands-on introduction to real engineering and mechanics for kids.

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Develop Learners’ Full Potential with Complete Solutions

LJ Create is a complete teaching solution that combines digital content and tailor-made hardware kits. It delivers innovative and inspiring learning in the area of science, technology, and engineering. Its digital libraries are suited for different learning levels. Whether students are living, exploring or working with STEM, LJ Create provides teaching and learning solutions used in Elementary, Junior and Senior High School, up to Engineering and Automotive degree programs.

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Forge Minds at Work using FabLab Machines

Flamefast specializes in turnkey engineering workshop solutions, to meet the needs of educational and technical environments. Focusing on Fabrication Laboratories (FabLabs), it offers designing and planning services, as well as various recommended engineering equipment for education.