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Higher Education Publications

Take education a step higher with C&E Publishing Inc.’s Higher Education resources. Spanning across various disciplines, our extensive collection of high-quality books, textbooks, and reference materials guide learners towards academic and professional excellence. Our print resources from both local and foreign publications equip students with essential knowledge and skills to set them up for success.

Local Publications

New General Education Textbooks (New GE)

New General Education (GE) Core Subject Textbooks

In pursuit of advancing the Philippine education landscape, the revised general education curriculum aims to equip students with global proficiency in the following domains of knowledge and competencies-based outcomes: intellectual competencies, personal and civic responsibilities, and practical skills. C&E Publishing Inc. provides top-of-the-line and appropriate textbooks that prepare students for the demands of the ongoing paradigm shift in education and equip them with future-ready skills. The new general education textbooks published by C&E are developed by top-notch Filipino academics highly respected in their expertise fields.

Medical Nursing Allied Health (MNAH)

Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health (MNAH) Textbooks

Since 1993, C&E Publishing remains a formidable asset in both the local and international publishing industries by being the Philippines ’ leading distributor of medicine, nursing, and allied health textbooks from the finest global partner publishers. C&E Publishing also publishes locally authored books that give Filipino educators, experts, and practitioners' scholarly works utmost value.

Non-Medical Nursing Allied Health (Non-MNAH)

Subject-Area Specialization Textbooks

C&E Publishing provides holistic and adaptive learning solutions to capture specialization towards different fields of expertise. C&E’s roster of books comprises area-specific topics to delve into each professional industry's core principles and practice. These industries include but are not limited to agriculture, library science, education, geography and anthropology, humanities, social sciences, science, and technology, performing arts, creative arts, and history.

Forthcoming Titles

Foreign Publications

Pearson - LOGO


Reaching learners globally, Pearson is the world’s learning company operating in 70 countries. Pearson is committed to helping equip learners with the skills they need to enhance their employability prospects and to succeed in the changing world of work.

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Cengage is an education and technology company built for learners. The company serves the higher education, K-12, professional, library, and workforce training markets worldwide in over 125 countries. Cengage creates learning experiences that build confidence and momentum toward the future students want.

Lippincott - LOGO


Lippincott is a leading international medical publisher of professional health information for practitioners, faculty, residents, students, and healthcare institutions with a full suite of essential medical products, including books and journals. Healthcare professionals, researchers, educators, and students around the world rely on Lippincott for tools, resources, and accurate, accessible healthcare information.

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McGraw Hill

McGraw Hill is a learning science company that delivers personalized learning experiences that drive results for students, parents, educators, and professionals. It focuses on educational equity, affordability, and learning success to help learners build better lives. McGraw Hill’s educational solutions are proven to deepen engagement for each learner while improving outcomes for all.

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Elsevier is an international multimedia publishing business with over 20,000 products for educational and professional science and healthcare communities worldwide. It is a global information analytics business that helps institutions and professionals advance healthcare, open science and improve performance for the benefit of humanity.