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Start a learner’s educational journey with only the best materials. With our resources for Basic Education, open up a world of knowledge across a wide range of subject areas and levels. Lay the foundation for quality learning with C&E Publishing.

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Textbook Series

Textbook Series

Developed with quality and relevance in mind, C&E Publishing Inc.’s collection of local publications lay the groundwork for more effective learning. Instructional tools were designed to foster seamless mastery of concepts and skills. Help students learn best and encourage their love for learning with C&E Publishing Inc.’s Textbook Series.

Instructional Design

Forthcoming Textbooks’ Instructional Design Framework: STEAM-based Textbooks - LOGO

Forthcoming Textbooks’ Instructional Design Framework: STEAM-based Textbooks

The C&E Instructional Design

C&E Publishing, Inc. believes that the core of teaching and learning is INTEGRATION – bringing together various disciplines and making the learner a holistic individual, able to rationally and critically examine and address issues on an individual, community, national, and global level.

With this principle, our textbooks help students become Empowered and READY for the world – Rational in addressing authentic life issues; Educated about diverse subjects; Articulate in communicating ideas and expressing inquiry; Dedicated to critical thinking as well as differentiated and holistic learning, and Yearning to contribute positively to the country and the world.

With the vision of our students as individuals who are Empowered and READY, our textbooks are designed to engage the critical and analytical mindset of learners, providing them not only with timely and relevant information and skills, but also giving them opportunities to test their knowledge and understanding, practice and develop their skills and talents, and establish connections with their fellow students in engaging the timely issues of their community, country, and the world.

And as we face a fast-changing world at present, with significant developments driven by technology and innovation, we also aim to equip our learners with the tools and competencies to engage with the future. In line with STEAM-based education, we are focusing on four main themes in developing our latest line of educational materials – Inspire, Inquire, Connect, and Create. Our objective is to empower and prepare our students to engage in a technology-driven world while staying true to our core concept of integration. That through our educational materials, we inspire students to use technology in a rational, critical, and ethical manner as they inquire about the various issues that challenge our society at present, and connect and collaborate with others as they seek answers and create solutions to these challenges.

With these guiding principles, our textbooks and related educational materials are focused to provide students the opportunities to develop themselves to their fullest potential and use the tools of technology to make a difference in the world.

SHS Core Curriculum

Our Publications for Senior High School (SHS) Students

Equip Senior High learners with the right tools as they gear up for the future. With C&E Publishing Inc.’s collection of Local Publications, develop confident learners through textbooks and instructional materials suitable for the SHS Core Curriculum, SHS Applied Track Subjects, and SHS Specialized Subjects.

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SHS Specialized Subjects

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Marshall Cavendish Education

As a provider of K–12 educational solutions, Marshall Cavendish Education integrates its distinctive research-driven approach into its curriculum and professional development. With over 60 years of expertise in the industry, MC Education has been consistently providing a comprehensive range of quality academic enrichment publications and boosting multilingual content to more than 60 countries, including the Philippines. MC Education’s highly regarded brand has gained recognition worldwide for its outstanding work in ensuring educational excellence.

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Savvas Learning Company

Savvas Learning Company is engaged in educating today’s students for tomorrow’s world. It celebrates a rich legacy of learning that students and educators have come to know and trust, drawing upon 120+ years of experience and innovation to provide learning solutions across all pre-K-12 disciplines around the globe in 125 countries.